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Sodapop at E.R. Bradley's in West Palm Beach, Fl.
Jah-Makin (Sodapop) Official Music Video
@Palm Beach Cultural Council Virtual Summer Performing Arts 2020
Turn Your Lights Down Low -Bob Marley (cover) LIVE
Troop229 Station AD/SMS/SIU
Sodapop and ifrolix Band 2021 (music vibes session: Florida)

From West Palm Beach, Florida, Keith Squire (AKA “Sodapop”) sings for salvation. During his years of deep soul searching, Sodapop got divine inspiration while jamming at The First Church of Rasta (Los Angeles).  This experience tuned Sodapop's sound to reflect the life bringing messages of Christ. Mixing his father’s love for soul music and his mother’s Jamaican heritage, Sodapop adds the right ingredients to satisfy your musical-spiritual thirst. The meaning behind his name does come with a story, but the moral is, people say the same things in different ways. Sodapop often labels his music as, “Soul.Roots.Indie.Rock.Reggae”, providing listeners with a variety of original flavor. Singing with a thankful heart, this Sodapop isn't bottled up!.

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"It all depends on who I listen to, that will shape my world..."
                   - Keith "Sodapop" Squire



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